Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sick Days

I'm going to cheat and combine posts 'cause I've been sick.

Shay posted that the peoples should go out and vote and yesterday and I hope you did. And she later blogged that she was pleased with the results.

Like I said I wasn't feeling to good but I did make it out to vote but not to Shay's patriotic art show or to the campus pub to watch the results live.

But while I was watching the live footage from my living room Dani was filming the pub's reaction for MTV. Shay got it from her blog and I got it from Shay's blog and now I am blogging it to you.

You can see Shay at the end crying happy tears.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello Panda

Shaytown is all done with her montage and I am pleased. She did an entire history course in 5 days and now she can shower and eat the panda head treats that I got her at the Comic Shop.

But if anyone else wants to get her treats she's asking for pastries in her latest blog.

She also would like people to know about her painting in the president show on campus but I don't understand when I'm supposed to see it. Opens at 8am? Is that the official opening where I might find snacks or is it just when her professor or perhaps some T.A. unlocks the doors?

Only time will tell. Meanwhile I'm on quarantine having seemingly contracted whatever stomach bug that is moving around my work. So I will watch Halloween Simpsons and read my mom's dirty blog, resisting the urge to answer questions she poses.

Maybe later I'll let everyone know which conversation the title of Shay's latest blog is in reference to.

Fun Fact: If you give Shaytown too much sugar she falls asleep.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nov 23rd :D

I was using Shay's computer today and noticed that she had recently googled "Booyakasha" I figured this was because my birthday is coming up and she's getting me something awesome, so I said nothing.

Turns out its the title to her latest blog entry. In it she talks about the progress she's making on her homework and how in a history montage she'll sometimes get distracted by story instead of paying close attention to the details.

I do this too. In history class we made awesome study buddies 'cause we both had to concentrate hard to remember dates and names.

Booyakasha would be excellent on a cake or t-shirt.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today Shay made us a whole new blog for our radio show. so far its pretty cool. It has past playlists, audio files, and doodles that shay made during the show.

Eventually she might link our cafe press store.

Now she's doing homework again.

Check out the new blog here

She also blogged about how she's not going to be around much till she's more caught up.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogs in lieu of homework

Today Shaytown posted a blog linking videos that she's been watching instead of doing homework.

She has excellent taste in interweb videos. One is about 2 happy pandas w/lolly pops and the other one is a literal version of an Ah Ha video that I showed her a few weeks ago. It rocks my socks.

It's on her main blag if you'd like to see.
Don't forget to watch mupples.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Holy shit.

Her latest blog is Awesome!

She did a tribute to one of my favorite webcomics asofterworld featuring our friend Kimi.

Click on the picture to see it big.

She also redid her layout.

Wicked cool.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Important Post

Shay is asking people in her blogs to please encourage people to watch her mupples video and help it spread across the interweb. Then she can win some sort of prize (perhaps?).

It is an excellent cartoon based on her autobiographical comic which of course is based on her life.

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom

I got to be Mupple #2 :P